Chris Cyprus

Northern Lights - An Inspiring Journey

It all started back in 2006, the year after I moved into my first studio, swapping the spare bedroom chaos for a large space that seemed at the time quite overwhelming. I guess you could say that’s when I first became a professional artist.

That winter I was really developing my own style and my awareness of the local surrounding landscape was heightened. I began making sketches from elevated windows on the fourth floor of the old cotton mill where I now took residency; which also happened to provide me with the same views I had from my childhood home and school, situated en route.


Suddenly I was thrown into a nostalgic trip down memory lane; visions of journeys to and from school, playing out with friends until dusk.

The mills of Mossley were still in full production, and i wondered if that was to be my life’s fate as I left the cosy world of high school education. As I rambled through not too distant memories, I saw dinner being prepared through dimly lit, steamed up kitchen windows.


I noticed the back alleys of terraced houses glowing under orange light, illuminating wheelie bins, and bizarrely the ugly skip at the end of the drive had now been transformed into a beacon of beauty as it bathed in sodium glory. My fascination with the magic hour in winter, nestled between day and night, highlighted the chemistry between the natural and the man-made, drenched in artificial light.


Chris is currently painting the Northern Lights series numbers 240+.

A book celebrating the series, will coincide with the Governments proposed  initiative by 2018 to replace all the UK’s sodium street lights with ‘White’ LED bulbs.

Please use the contact page to reserve your signed copy!

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