Chris Cyprus

Northern Life - A Life in Colour

Some might say . . It's grim up North!


Growing up in the Pennines, Chris spent most his childhood outdoors, roaming the landscape for hours on end with friends, fishing in the school holidays, camping, swimming in the reservoir during hot summer months, enjoying the camaraderie and traditions of rural life.


Chris spent the first part of working life in the building trade until a back injury left him immobile for a few months. It was then he began painting. After some brief early success, he soon began to struggle with identity until he had an epiphany after visiting a local allotment. It was there in a single moment he knew exactly what to do for the next decade!

All he had to do was recoil all his childhood memories, images came in dreamlike formations, compositions with heavy outlines that gave strength and character to a sometimes mundane and gloomy existence. Chris ditched the colour of reality for inspired swatches of nature and the obscure man made. The perfect balance of Purple broccoli offset with blue green foliage, a red shed with an orange sky, why not? Adding to this, all the quintessential Englishness of the narrative brought together a unique painting. Chris's success grew rapidly after numerous TV apperances, rapidly building a global following.


Since then, Chris maintains that the realisation and the key to becoming happy with your work and being successful as an artist is to be true to yourself, and only paint what inspires you at that moment. 'It's all about the moment'


Following this rule, Chris finds inspiration no matter where he is. It can be a person in the local shop, a conversation in a bus shelter, watching the Brass Bands on Whit Friday, the optimism of clean washing hung out to dry, or a man wrestling with a wheelie bin.


The beauty is always right there in front of us.. Just add colour!


Fruit seller