Chris Cyprus

Some might say, 'It's grim up North' , a statement Chris Cyprus finds it difficult to concede with. Self taught, Chris started painting Landscapes close to his home in Mossley, Lancashire in 1998, inspired by the panoramic ruggedness of the Pennine hills.


This was enough to keep him inspired for nearly a decade until regular visits to the South of France changed his outlook on life and painting.

Introduced to Van Gogh's Harvest series painted in Arles, the colourful and surreal depictions of people going about their daily lives touched a nerve in Chris and inspired him to rethink what being an artist was all about.


On his return, a visit to a local allotment sparked a connection between this and Van Gogh’s farm worker studies. Chris  immediately rushed back to his studio where he began the first of over 200 paintings of allotments and the characters tending them. Working on his own allotment brought him even closer to the interesting subject matter.


Chris had a realisation that the key to becoming happy with your work and being successful is to be true to yourself, and paint what inspires you at that moment.


Following this rule, Chris finds inspiration no matter where he is. It can be a person in the local shop, a conversation in a bus shelter, watching the Brass Bands on Whit Friday, the optimism of clean washing hung out to dry, or a man wrestling with a wheelie bin.


The beauty is always right there in front of us..




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